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CHIBI☆CON 2010 (Virginia Beach, VA)

/shameless advertising. ;c

Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Venue: Virginia Beach Central Library (conference room area, near entrance)
When: April 30, 2010
10 AM - 4:50 PM
Join us for a one day mini event of cosplay, fun games, video games, anime, and more!
This event is FREE.

Walk-ins only as space allows.
Each attendee will receive a badge and goodie bag. (while supplies last)

More information here

I know some of you are thinking LOL WHUT LIBRARY. When we called it Chibi we really do mean CHIBI ;D
Unfortunately we were only able to get the Friday slot, if you can't make it inthe morning please do stop by in the afternoon :)

Please spread the word!
Hope to see you all there.
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why the hec do I feel so -_________- right now?!

I think I need to go out more cuz I'm tired of being stuck in the house.
Though I prefer staying home it's really starting to become annoying.

I feel sort of disappointed in myself too.. my long love of k-pop is starting to die -_-; and I blame TVXQ for that.
TVXQ = existence of k-pop fandom :T

I'll still listen to k-pop but that fandom I was really into is really.. x_x idk.
which really makes me sad since I know a lot of my friends are into K-POP and it's become rly awkward s:

I feel like its middle school all over again ;; damnit ANIME +___+ *runs off to the otaku-y geekness*

I can say my current addictions are the following XD .....

You're Beautiful (K-DRAMA)

Hooray for moar gender bender dramas! ABOUT IDOLS WOOT. And this one doesn't drag on like most k-dramas do, it's WONDER-FULLLL +___+ this one is definitely a PERFECT mix of romance, drama and COMEDY.

Random animes like...

Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

well, this one has been going on for a while, the anime is still going on so I continue to glee XD
I know some people watch the series and think 'man this is so stupid!' yes sir, the series I admit is quite 'stupid' and no plot whatsoever in the first few episodes, but after 20 episodes later.. this show started out from 'corny' to 'EPIC'.
It's so much more than just the 'mafia'.

Fairy Tail

T_T darn it, this one is from the same one who made 'Rave Master' D:<
I love the art style ;____; and natsu is one badass dude. So far I know it's about wizards(?) and guilds.. yes where is this going well just gotta wait and see! And from what I see this anime shall be epic.

Nyan Koi

I thought this anime would be the usual 'harem' storyline, but the fact that this unlucky dude is cursed by a cat god (?) just made this whole series hilariously funny.

Kimi ni todoke

so cute T_T I found it rly surprising to find this to be an anime, just the other day I was reading the 1st manga volume and now its an anime... wow. XD
Though I have read manga with the usual 'oh noess the girl looks like sadako!' type of story, this one turned out to be rly touching and cute than comical.


This anime is actually really CORNY. XD But in a good way LOL.
It's about the "urban legend" that if a troubled girl rides on the subway, she will automatically ride on the 'MIRACLE TRAIN'
And on the 'MIRACLE TRAIN' are the are the extremely hawt x: human forms of stations of the oedo line. (such as roppongi, shinjuku, etc)
Their goal is to solve the problem of the troubled girl on board.
Yeah.... I wish there was a 'MIRACLE TRAIN' over here, I'd be on there every single day. o3o


Another cute anime brought to you by CLAMP :3
A strange clumsy girl named Kobato must bring happiness to those around her in order to fill up her jar of candy(people's 'hearts'). If she can fill up the entire jar, her wish to go to a certain place will be granted. However, she is not allowed to fall in love with any person whose heart she heals.
Yes it sounds corny XD but it's really cute.
And this guy makes me wanna watch moar! :3
oh hello thar adult version of syaoran ;D

and a strange obsession with abridged series O_o
*cough teamfourstar cough yugioh cough*

Nekocon 2009

So pretty much Nekocon was definitely stressful this year? WHY? Just being so unorganized on our cosplay stuff ugh.
We weren't able to finish our props nor was I able to finish Death the kid's skull brooch :(

My Tsuna cosplay wasn't finished either :T my stupid acetate flame didn't come in time so I had to make do with craft foam :/

Ah I was able to do my k-pop panel even though I pretty much BS-ed it x: thanks to those who showed up anyway, hope you enjoy your k-pop buttons XD

I even had a emotional breakdown(yes death the kid was crying ;;) in the green room before the show -_-;; I srsly need to stop being so overly sensitive about rude cosplay comments >< ugh.

Our skit turned out to be pretty okay even after all that stress of getting our cosplay together + missing props.
Though we didn't win anything :T which is rly.. ehh I felt rly dissappointed since we were expecting at least a judge's award ;__; I can say we're pretty much done with participating in Nekocon's cosplay masquerade since this was our 2nd attempt (somehow we felt the judges were biased with musicals IDK), maybe we can do a moar epic skit at Otakon :)

Here's our skit :)
Again I was Death the kid xD let me know what you think~
Wakow Productions Presents:
What's for Dinner? featuring. Soul Eater & Kuroshitsuji

bunny alfred

y so srs?

eh thought I'd update for once :)

(oh gawd my lj became so ugh D: dood.. gotta fix that.)

well I've become busy busy busy with cosplay stuff. Practice every week is becoming tiring but necessary. My group will be doing a Soul Eater/Kuroshitsuji cosplay skit at Nekocon of course^^ hopefully everything will go through smoothly. 
And hopefully the crowd and judges will like? ;;
We've been really working hard on getting the timing, the dance, the props, & the costumes all perfect for the final performance.
So far with my cosplay.. I'm maybe 40% finished. Yeah, bad since Nekocon is like in 2 weeks u__u
I'm pretty much waiting for my wigs :T

Tsuna is almost done :3 just gotta work on the flame and gloves.
Who the hec is Tsuna? This guy~~ (on the left)

Recently I've become addicted to this anime, Katekyo Hitman REBORN! 
oh goodness.. the slash is so obvious, no wonder tsuna is always paired up x:

I gotta start learning 'Gee' @_@ we're supposed to dance to it at the hitman reborn gathering^^

And of course on saturday for the cosplay masquerade, I'll be the one and only Death the kid !!

and on sunday I'll probably be hamtaro..... again. >>;

I'm hosting a K-POP panel on Saturday as well. Again the usual k-pop freebies and prizes for the 'Name that K-POP tune' contest
(I'll try to save one of the freebies for ya peter^^)

I might be going to Anime USA as well. If my friend lets me stay with her then I don't have to worry about getting an expensive hotel yeshhh.
Now I just gotta save up for the actual pre-reg -___-;; so...many... cons x_X

I should've signed up for a K-pop panel at anime usa as well now that I think about it :T
oh well, I'll prepare one for Otakon instead.
Panel= me ranting.
Well what's not to rant about? The world of K-POP this year is RIDIC right now. srsly. ><

I'll make sure to take lotsa pics during nekocon :3 see yaa.


Otakon 2009

woot I'm back! fghjklffghjj;;!
Yes I am tired. Sooo.. what to say about Otakon? Well otakon weekend was chill til yesterday *sigh* but I'll get to that later ;)

Reviewing everything by sections again XD

OTAKON 09 Convention

Hitting up the largest con in the east coast again ;)
I almost didn't make it this year! Thanks to my friends for helping me^^

The Good

◘ Got a awesome hotel this year yay :D
◘ Dealers Room was awesome XD yet made me sad at the same time.(no monies ;;) Man I wanted to buy so much stuff! At least I got two yaoi mangas .__. and a FREE Soul Eater poster !! (who bought all the Soul eater yaoi doujinshi?! darn youuu *shakes fist*)

◘ Awesome cosplays! I was so happy when I saw Soul Eater cosplays, even the announcer at the masquerade was Soul-kun xD

Here are a few photos I took ;)

lulz domo and santa forevuhh

I finally found an awesome Death the Kid!! They were so cute^^

our favorite ;) sexy Black Star!

and then sexy black star joined in O_O lol                                                    

     to excalibur~~!!!

Awesome SE group~ Caught them near the fountains :D

Eruka!!! I love her hat ;;

This Iron-man was the sh-t. His chest and eyes were even glowing!! (ugh blurry picture is blurry ;;)

scary awesome ryuk D:

Ciel~ So many Kuroshitsuji cosplays! Horray :D

someone did the new version of maka! O:

We saw our favorite DBZ cosplayers from Anime North again~ !

yay for Digimon 8D;

Moar cosplay photos here :)

◘ Got to meet up with friends from LJ and otakon forums :)

◘ Speaking of masquerade.. the masquerade at Otakon was effing SRS BSNS, that sh-t was EPIC. To have it in the Marina Arena was one thing but the skits were just amazing and lulzy XD (or maybe it was just the huge stage and sound system lol) Oh gawd if I find I can find the vid I'll post it but my friend and I LOVED the 'Otakon guide' skit feat. Sora&Riku. They danced to DBSK's Balloons! WTF D: Sorry to the people next to us cuz apparently we hurt your ears :c Screaming? Yes it had to be done.
wait nvm- found it xD

◘ Kanon Wakeshima concert!! We got er.. somewhat in the back seats but it was still a good view. She was so cute and random XD "I have two cats! one is a kitty. nyan~!" O_o whut.
Her voice was so lovely~ though she didn't do that 'move around like a doll' her singing and playing the cello made up for it (:

◘ Becca concert~ We got to her concert rly late actually cuz of check out and waking up late >.<
She was so full of energy~ loved it :D We were so happy we didn't miss her song 'I'm Alive!' one of my fav songs and ending to Kuroshitsuji.

◘ Free Water!! Thanks for the free water in each room Otakon 8D

◘ Finally a con has Pump it up! Loves it! We only had time to play one round but at least it was to Super Junior's U XD

The Bad

◘ Taking the back road to Baltimore took a little bit of time because of our stupid GPS! *kicks it*

◘ 2 HOUR WAIT FOR FUCKING REGISTRATION OH MY EFFING--. Thank you ninja and random otaku for making the wait interesting!

◘ Money problems.. I was on such a tight budget this weekend, I only had 2 meals the entire time.

◘ Lines, lines, and moar lines.

◘ Drama with friends? u__u;; (sunday only after otakon..)

◘ LOL FLAT TIRE @ 2 AM. A towing truck brought us all the way back to Va Beach! 8D

Otakon this year gets a 9/10. Just give me some more interesting panels and lovely music guests and you'll get a 10/10 XD I had no problem getting to places, no problem with the staff, found myself going to more events this year as well!
I actually rly love Otakon for being so organized honestly XD

HOTEL REVIEW: Hilton Baltimore Hotel
We stayed at the wonderful Hilton Baltimore! (expensive but worth it! thanks tonya bb! ;;)


◘ Location was VERY convienent! (though I felt lazy to walk outside of the convention area besides the Marina Arena XD)

◘ Check-in had a line, but it went by quickly. Front desk knew exactly what they were doing. (especially when they charged extra when they saw my friend step in, sh-t)

◘ It seemed quiet? IDK maybe to me but I've been to a con where part of it was located in the hotel and it was noisy and crowded as f---, but for otakon much more peaceful and spacious around the hallways.

◘ Nice Flat Screen Plasma TV in guest rooms. Nice interior.

◘ I love the fluffy pillows and comfy blankets omg ;____;

◘ Loved the walkway to the convention!! It brought us straight to the S.Pratt St. area in the BCC!


◘ Elevators are sooo sloww! (but it was packed so u__u;)

◘ Had to go around the block 3 times because we had no idea the parking entrance was on Paca St O_o; note to people actually staying at the hotel.. the parking was never FULL. Only full for people not staying at the hotel.

◘ No free internet :(

◘ Rooms are small. (well bigger than Hyatt's at least)

◘ No Self-Laundry Facilities >_>;;

☆ Overall I give Hilton Baltimore a 8/10. Obviously I've been to nicer hotels, but I usually get a bad experience with hotels because of their staff, I had NO PROBLEM whatsoever with the hotel's staff. They were all very nice, helpful, and got things done quickly. :) The rooms were good, so many elevators but so slow (/shrug), convienent location was the best part XD (and that's saying A LOT for me since I stayed at Hyatt and Tremont before, Hilton hands down is the best location! :p)


hmm might also plan for Anime Expo next year :D

future events?

NYC Anime Festival? (eh maybe) - September
SM Audition/Korean Festival- October
Nekocon {k-pop panel+skit @ masquerade+possible artists alley booth(?)} - November
Mini trip to Japan/Korea- December
bunny alfred

damn these summer blues :(

eh needless to say I'm disappointed.
My summer is not going the way I wanted it to be.
At first I wanted to go to Otakon but now I'm like  all cons are pretty much the same
(and the fact that my death the kid cosplay isn't finished )
I was hoping they'd get some J-pop/J-rock artists I rly listen to but so far the concert list is not rly my type of music. (yeah I like kanon wakeshima but I only like 2 of her songs..)

I hate going to concerts and be like while watching.

So~ I'll wait for the friday act announcement but if it's not anyone energetic/epic there might be a chance I won't go /: (same as my friends who don't rly want to go anymore either.)

Maybe I should just go to Anime Mid Atlantic if I rly want to go to the dealers room rofl.

oh gawd plz let there be some kind of K-POP concert this summer XD it's been rly lame so far.

That or run around Disneyland. Yes possibly disneyland..
bunny alfred

Oh!Canada: Anime North 09

So this was pretty much my first trip where I flew on a plane alone.. and to fly early in the fcuking morning. (dbsk bbs I feel your pain ;;)
It was an interesting TIRING experience mm hmm.

This was my 2nd time going to Canada~ The first time I went up there was like 3456789 years ago.(okay 9 yrs ago :l)
The reason to go to canada? Call us crazy but I guess for Anime North. [I just went to go somewhere /shrug] My friends going with me never went to Canada before either.. so for some sightseeing too.

I had some problems once I landed in Canada at the airport -_-;; Apparently security have no idea wth 'anime' is and decided to think of me as 'suspicious' (note to self: never fly with a ALMOST expired passport ever again.) Got through them eventually and went with a shuttle to our hotel. My friends were supposed to meet up with me since they were driving up to Canada. They still weren't there. :(
Since I had no choice I had to walk to the convention.. which was like a mile or so from the hotel.

The convention was held in the TCC.
(small con that holds only the dealers room and dance/autographs)
As well as across the street at the doubletree hotel and the renaissance hotel which is like a mile away from the TCC :l 

Instead of adding details about the con I'm just gonna list some pros/cons XD *is lazy*

The Good

♥ Tim Horton's ice tea mmm.

♥ Icecream vendors (expensive but worth it.. Canadian icecream is awesome XD)

♥ Seeing The Conventioneers on Saturday.
the awesome button they gave me :D

♥ Masquerade was pretty cool.. didn't expect all the skits to be short x: but it was still good.

♥ The J-pop dance was pretty good. They played a few of the songs I gave them(even dbsk ;D) and watching the b-boys in the circle was so fun XD (hooray for finally turning the lights off!)

♥ Wrestling was fun. Kinda mad I wasn't able to see L vs. Raito though.(my friends said it was hilarious )

♥ Finally found some yaoi manga in the dealers room sunday! thank goodness i rly thought the only yaoi store was the doujinshi booth D:

♥ Seeing some k-pop&Soul Eater cosplays (awesome just awesome 8D)

CL(2NE1) & Big Bang!! Lollipop cosplay~ [she was so awesome :D]

Jaejoong 'Balloons' cosplay!

 a rly awesome DBZ cosplay :D

The Bad
q(-_-)p {sorry lots of rants x:}

◘ The heat

◘ I was not expecting the TCC to be that small... wow. And the fact that  the con was held in both the doubletree and Renaissance (which was like what a mile away from TCC) made the con very crowded and tiring to get to.

◘ My friend pushing me toward Matt Chin(The Conventioneers) and having to get interviewed by him @__@
Uhm yeah I rly was just gonna ask for a picture with Matt then my friend just had to say I wanted to talk to him XD damnit.
Yeah AWKWARD. Very. Man that was embarrassing. I kept blushing the entire time >__<  (and the fact that I look rly fug D: omg ew.ew.ew.ew.ew.)
Glad I got to hug Matt and all but I did not want to be interviewed. eh oh well.
Let's hope they cut out my segment  :3 If not then.. x: it's going to be on BiteTV.
Or you can find it on Youtube T_T don't go looking for me *hides*
(matt is so cute I don't care if he makes fun of me lol)

◘ The badge. hmm. I was expecting a bigger badge that goes around my neck.
This badge is the odd ball in my anime con badge collection lol. Plus my  friends kept losing theirs because it was just a pin..
it's so easy to lose those things. /:

◘ Dealers Room was way too crowded. And didn't have a lot of stores I wanted to see.. (like a J-ROCK/CD store! srsly? How can there not be one at any con O_o)

◘ I hated how we have to go around the convention to go inside the TCC every time.

◘ I don't like how the con opens only at 5 PM on Friday.

◘ Uhm ok srsly? I thought it was rly rude that people left SO MUCH trash on the TCC lawn!
Pick up your trash people jeez!

◘ The J-rave on Friday was whack >_>;; lol @ a rave with lights on.

◘ Need moar Soul Eater cosplay/merch people ^^; plzz.

◘ Lines, lines, lines, and moar lines.

◘ I DON'T UNDERSTAND 'YOU JUST LOST THE GAME' D: (my friends and I were just like.. whut? WHUT IS THIS NEW MEME WE DON'T KNOW OF DDD: )

☆ Other than that I give Anime North a 6/10. It was organized enough, (though some events/panels were a bit delayed at some points) but I had no problem with the staff at all. As for the venue not rly to my liking. AN is always going be crowded can't do much about that. I usually hate dances/raves, I'm glad AN's J-pop dance was different for me. Overall, a very interesting canadian anime convention indeed. :p

After the con~  on sunday we went to nigara falls!

It's so pretty to see again ^__^

Moar Cosplay+Nigara Falls photos here: